When light

Comes to life

Inspired by the beautiful dynamics to be found in our natural lighting, we have created Luminous Entity Type I; the world’s first living luminaire. A beautiful blend of advanced technology and crafted design.

A new


Type I forms a habitat for an entity manifested in light. An entity that can be guided through intuitive hand gestures. A new and physical way of controlling the light-source that completely transforms the experience of light as we know it.

A human


The luminaire features a warm and soft glow that floats through its housing. The intensity, size and direction gradually changes in the palm of your hands, offering an extended range of possibilities to mold the light while creating the perfect ambiance.


To adapt

Luminous Entity Type I is able to learn. Its lively character will evolve under the influence of natural light. It will pick up on your most occurring setting and will allow you to access it through a simple gesture. Turning something as simple as flicking on your lights into something truly amazing.

Engineered to precision

Engineered to precision

All of our electronics are developed in our own studio. They form the raw beauty of Luminous Entity Type I, bringing every luminaire to life. The high quality LEDs offer a warm glow, a low energy consumption and are sure to last a lifetime.

Finest wood

Finest wood

Type I’s surrounding elements are made from the finest wood. For these long and refined parts only flawless wood is good enough. They create a warm organic contrast to the sleek aluminium frame that holds the light modules. It is a compliment to your home that will leave a lasting mark.


Our studio

Jansen & de Bont was founded by Matthijs Jansen and Jorg de Bont, with a profound passion for light and the aim to move people with magical light experiences. They create luminaires that sparkle your senses and contain a beauty that is not only limited to their appearance but extends to their workings.


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