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Gesture Control

Make it happen with a small gesture...

When you’re in the kitchen, your hands are not always clean. Isn’t it nice that you can control your lights by swiping near to them, instead of actually touching them? Not only can you switch your lights on and off, but you can also adjust the intensity and point the light beam to where it is needed.

There’s no need for complicated apps, rotary knobs or remote controls. When you’re hands are dirty, you can simply adjust your lighting to your needs with an intuitive gesture. We provide two advanced gesture controls: Gesture Control and Gesture Control Pro. Watch the instruction video for a demonstration of the features.

1. Gesture Control

Our lights with Gesture Control (GC) are fitted with a single sensor. The location of the sensor is indicated with an icon in the centre of the fitting. You can switch the light on and off, dim it or adjust the atmosphere by changing the direction of the light (upwards or downwards) using a simple gesture under the sensor. You can also change the colour when the light is in atmospheric mode.

2. Gesture Control Pro

The Novy Shelf is available with Gesture Control Pro. Smart sensors fitted along the length of the Shelf enable you to alter the width and position of the light beam in addition to all of the features of the standard Gesture Control (GC). What if you don’t want the light to shine along the entire length of the lamp but only where you are drinking your wine, working or reading your newspaper? Simply drag the light beam with your hand to where you want it.