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Novy Pendant

Next-generation hanging lamp, gesture-controlled, with top and bottom lighting

The Novy Pendant has a sleek design and is a great addition to any modern home. Its patented Gesture Control means you can create the right atmosphere without the need for an app, remote control or dimmer. If you need brighter light for working or if you want to alter the atmosphere and lighting balance with more upward light, all it takes is a simple hand gesture to adjust the lighting to your preferences. You can even set an atmospheric colour.

The Novy Pendant has been designed according to the cradle to cradle principle which means that it is fully recyclable. It uses high-quality and low energy LEDs. Just like the Novy Shelf and the Novy Wall, the Novy Pendant is made from sandblasted, black anodised aluminium so it has an attractive matt black finish. By combining various Novy fittings you can create a wonderful harmonious look in your home.