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Novy Shelf

A stylish shelf with an integrated gesture-controlled LED light.

Modern kitchens are spacious, yet it’s easy to compromise this space when you have kitchen units. The Novy Shelf offers the perfect solution. It has a minimalist design and is visually pleasing on your wall.

Not only does the Novy Shelf give you extra space for accessories, but it also provides optimal illumination for your working surface thanks to its integrated lamp. When you no longer need to focus light on your working surface, simply switch to atmospheric lighting by making a simple hand gesture above the Novy Shelf.

If you want to add a personal touch to your room, you can also set the colour of the light!

The Shelf is available in the Gesture Control (GC) and the Gesture Control Pro (GC Pro) variants. For further information about these 2 different controls, see the demonstration videos.

Like all Novy fittings, Novy Shelf is fully recyclable. There is also no need to worry about weight as the Novy Shelf has a load-bearing capacity of 30kg per metre.